Paragon Music Living Room

Paragon Music Living Room

“Onsen” and “Music” concept

Our “Paragon Music Living Room” allows guests to sit back and immerse themselves in the music of the “music bath.”

10-Year Vision

With the assumption that “people who love hot springs also love music,” we aimed to create a space that would provide soothing and healing music. With the Paragon speaker and McIntosh tube amplifiers, we created a space where guests can listen to music while enjoying a cup of coffee or reading.

Hida Furniture

Enjoy the forest-scented furniture – Made with the skill of Hida masters and close attention to detail, the furniture has a texture and design that rivals foreign luxury brand furniture. The main furniture in the Paragon Music Living Room is Hida Furniture (Kashiwa Corporation).

Our Paragon Speaker

The Paragon speaker is the flagship stereo loudspeaker model created by the American company, JBL. Between 1957 and 1983, the company produced approximately 1000 units.
 Because the speaker is entirely handmade, production was discontinued with the retirement of the final woodworkers. Today, in terms of cost, production of the speaker is difficult.
 Magokuro’s Paragon is approximately 40 years old. In order to revive the original sound, the speaker has been carefully restored using time and effort to become a collector’s item.
The speaker plays delicate tones reminiscent of large musical instruments.
 We invite you to enjoy the “hot spring bath and music bath” vintage sound revived for modern times.