We offer two meals, dinner and breakfast, served in our dining facilities (hall). At fireside-style tables equipped with infrared gas grills, guests enjoy freshwater fish for dinner and Hoba miso for breakfast, served hot and grilled tableside.
*Please note that we do not allow guests to select the dining facility.
*A portion of the seats allow you to put your legs down. Low chairs 20cm in height are also available. Customers with bad backs and knees should contact us in advance.

Dining Facilities

Honkan Dining Facilities

Built 150 years ago, our dining facilities are used as they were used by the silk farmer owner who lived in the building.
No private room or partition available.
Guests are asked to dine at their tables (infrared gas grill used).

  • 本館お食事処1
  • 本館お食事処2
  • 本館お食事処3

Tenryokan Dining Facilities

As in the Honkan, guests will dine at fireside-style tables equipped with infrared gas grills.
Group reserved rooms and banquets are available.

  • 天領館お食事処1
  • 天領館お食事処2
  • 天領館お食事処3


Sample Menu

Optional Food

Optional Menu


Breakfast Menu

Drinking the hot spring water is effective for chronic digestive disease, diabetes, gout and liver disease. The components contained in 1000 mg of our hot spring water are similar to the components in over-the-counter gastrointestinal medications.

Certified Hida Beef Retailer / Certified Hida Beef Restaurant

Certified Hida Beef Restaurant plaque at the front desk.

Our hotel is officially recognized by the Hida Beef Promotion Council as a certified Hida Beef restaurant.
Only restaurants that serve A5/B5 Hida Beef and suitably enhance the image of Hida Beef receive this certification. This plaque is found in only a limited number of retailers and identifies the retailer as a provider of the highest-grade beef, Hida Beef.