100% Pure Hot Spring Water (directly from the source)

100% Pure Hot Spring Water (directly from the source)

100% Pure Hot Spring Water “ Honmono no onsen” (Real hot spring)

 Established in 1968, our ryokan uses ancient hot springs that benefit from the active volcano, Mt. Yake. Since the successful excavation of our hot spring source in 1974, we have operated as a natural hot spring inn with one of the greatest outputs of spring water in Okuhida.
 Our area is known for its great output of natural hot spring water, the temperature of which is extremely high. From long ago, spring water has been added to adjust the hot water temperature. However, although the addition of water dilutes the natural spring water, it does not alter the effectiveness.
We work hard to make use of our 4 exclusive springs and to maintain the quality of the natural hot springs for our baths. Our indoor bath uses a plate-type heat exchanger, which replaces the existing heat exchange system and allows us to successfully supply 100% pure spring water from the source throughout the year.
 Also, by blending the different temperatures from the hot spring source for the outdoor bath, we are able to control the water temperature without compromising the water freshness. The reaction of sulfur and iron from the hot spring source creates a turbidity that is rare in this area. (The color may differ depending on the season or air temperature. On rare occasions, the water may become clear.)

Environment-friendly Energy

 To lower the high water temperature of the indoor bath, the water is converted to warm water using heat exchange. We use this warm water as an environment-friendly energy source for our hot water supply, showers, heating system and floor heating, as well as for melting snow on our roof and in our parking lot.

Disclosure of Information

 We post information regarding the component analysis of the hot spring, as well as analysis of the water entering into each bathtub. Guests can be confident in using our baths. We hope that guests enjoy the real hot spring, a gift from the earth.