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We do not have English-speaking staff, so please send inquiries by email. It may take some time for us to reply. Thank you for your understanding.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)







Q Are pets allowed to stay in the ryokan?
We do not allow pets to stay.
Q What time are check-in and check-out?
Check-in is between 3:00pm and 6:00pm. Check-out is at 10:00am.
Check-in is from 3:00pm. As soon as the guest rooms are cleaned, we will guide guests to their rooms from 2:30pm.
Dinner is served at either 6:00pm or 6:30pm. Please check in by 6:00pm.
Check-out is at 10:00am. (Baths may be used until 9:45am.) Please note that breakfast is served from 7:30am.
Q Do you allow groups?
Due to the small size of our inn, we are only able to accommodate up to 8 overseas guests at a time.
Q Are the baths open 24 hours a day?
Cleaning takes place between 9:45am and 2:30pm. During this time guests may not use the baths.
Q Is winter car equipment necessary?
We request that guests prepare winter car equipment until early April.
Fukuji Onsen is located at an elevation of 980m. Winter car equipment (winter tires, chains, etc.) is necessary from the middle of November until early April.
When renting a car from Chubu Centrair International Airport, etc. in the winter season, please be sure to reserve a vehicle with winter tires.
Q How do we get to the ryokan when taking a bus from Takayama station?
From Takayama Station, please take the bus toward Shinhotaka Ropeway.
The Nohi Bus Center is located in front of Takayama Station. Please catch the bus toward Shinhotaka Ropeway there.
The bus ride takes approximately 70 minutes.
The bus toward Shinhotaka Ropeway runs either via Fukuji Onsen or via Ipposui
When riding the bus via Fukuji Onsen, please get off at the Fukuji Yurimizaka stop (Bus stop No.HO41). (This is the stop after Fukuji Onsen)

When using highway Route 471 via Ipposui, please get off at the Fukuji Onsen Guchi stop. We will pick guests up at the Fukuji Onsen Guchi stop. Please call us from the bus or after arriving at the bus stop.
Q Do you offer non-smoking rooms?
Rooms at the Tenryokan 2nd floor and 3rd floor are non-smoking rooms.
Q Are the facilities accessible to guests with disabilities?
We apologize, but unfortunately we do not offer rooms for guests with disabilities or wheelchair accessible toilets.
Q Is there a drying room for skis and snowboards?
We do not have a drying room.
Unfortunately, we do not allow skis or snowboards inside the ryokan. We ask that guests please leave these items in their cars.
<Additional Information>
The Hirayu Onsen Ski Area is located 15 minutes away by car. The Honoki Daira Ski Area is located 30 minutes away (during the winter season) by car. Rental ski equipment and skiwear, as well as ski schools, are available at both areas. Guests who wish to use public transportation should take the Nohi Bus toward Takayama from the ryokan.
Q Is internet wifi access available in the ryokan?
Internet wifi access is available in the guest rooms.
Internet wifi access is available in the guest rooms. If you have any questions, please contact the front desk. *We do not have computer equipment or printers.
Q If we arrive early, is there a place for us to wait?
In Fukuji Onsen, please use Yadoriyu.
Check-in time is 3pm. If you arrive before this time, please wait either in the ryokan lobby or use Yadoriyu in Fukuji Onsen.
Yadoriyu is a rest facility with a traditional Japanese irori fireplace and a foot bath for guests. There are full restroom facilities. Our ryokan is a 3-minute walk (approximately 80 meters) uphill from the facility. There is no parking lot at Yadoriyu, so please park in front of our ryokan. We have umbrellas available for guests to borrow in our entrance.
There is a businesses offering food in Fukuji Onsen. Mukashi banashi no sato (Gohei-mochi mura) offers a day bath and snacks.
When using this facilitie, please check the days and hours of operation in advance.
Q Are there convenience stores located nearby? Are there ATM machines nearby?
There are no convenience stores or ATM machines nearby. If necessary, we ask that you visit these facilities before arriving at the ryokan (Takayama, Matsumoto, Toyama).
The closest convenience store is located 30 kilometers away in Hida city.
ATM machines are located in the Tochio Onsen area (5 minutes by car) at the JA, post office and Takayama Shinkin Bank.
Q Is there a hospital or pharmacy nearby?
A clinic and dentist office are located 5 minutes by car in Tochio Onsen, however the days and hours of operation are limited.
Emergency hospitals are located in Hida City (30km away, 30 minutes by car) and Takayama (45km away, 60 minutes by car). Because we are located deep in the mountains, we ask that customers check their health conditions before traveling to the ryokan. The closest pharmacy is located 30km away in Kamioka-cho, Hida City.