Ooyu (indoor bath) Completed in 2015

Completed in 2015, the Bijin-no-yu bath overflows with skin-friendly spring water from Magokuro's main hot spring source, the Miakdo-no-yu spring number four. We've also made the Kamiarai-no-yu and Nuru-yu baths for customers to experience the 100% genuine hot springs.

Ooyu (indoor bath) (Men)

Ooyu (indoor bath) (Women)

(Private bath (indoor) information)
Renovated in 2015, this private bath uses Oya stone.
(Overnight guests only. No charge. Internal lock.)

The water from Magokuro's main hot spring source, the Mikado-no-yu spring number four, is drinkable. (Please obtain permission.)
Since ancient times, the hot spring has been used as medicine. The ingredients found in the hot spring source for our hotel's indoor bath are nearly identical to gastrointestinal medications available for sale. Water from the hot spring source in our indoor bath is good for not only chronic digestive diseases, but also diabetes, gout, and liver disease.